The views expressed in this blog are my own

Phil Timyan, a private investor, hedge fund manager, and blogger with over 35 years professional experience in community bank stocks investment and shareholder activism.

Over the years, I have filed 13-Ds in ALGC, HRTB, FSVB, GSLA, RFSV, COMB, RYFL, CWBC, and CFIS. In 2003, I helped recap COMB by buying a 9.9% stake and joining their Board until its sale in 2006 to SUPR. In 2012, I was part of an investor group that recapped CFIS, and personally served on Board until the bank's sale in 2015 to WTFC. Most recently, I served on the boards of RYFL and Royal Bank for 11 years.

Since my graduation in the 1980s with a BA in General Business Administration and an MBA in Finance from Michigan State University, my career has included stints as:
  • Registered Representative for Oppenheimer & Co in Chicago, IL
  • Securities Analyst for Feshbach Bros./Stockbridge Partners in Palo Alto, CA
  • Securities Analyst/Portfolio Manager for GW Ringoen & Co in San Francisco, CA
  • Founder of two hedge funds, Sands Point Partners LLC and Riggs Qualified Partners LLC
  • Contributing author for a number of professional publications, including Seeking Alpha

Full disclosure

I have significant holdings in many of the banks about which I write. I enjoy supporting the industry’s fantastic, under-recognized performers who run their businesses with shareholder interests in mind. I equally enjoy ferreting out the crooks and incompetents of the banking industry, exposing them for the scoundrels they are and encouraging them to do the right thing for shareholders. I was also once named in a Civil Action by the SEC alleging that in 1987 I was a fourth-hand “tipee” of inside information.